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Eilat is located in a unique position between the mountains and the sea. This ensures a wide variety of sea sports including diving and snorkeling amidst the beautiful coral reefs as well as the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. There are beautiful hikes in the canyons around Eilat and in TimnaPark. The shared borders with the Sinai in Egypt and with Jordan allow for easy access to the attractions in these countries. The Shelter is the ideal jumping off place for your adventures, and our 30 years in Eilat enables us to advise you concerning all your vacation and travel plans.

Snorkeling and Diving
Snorkels are available at the Shelter for your use. There are many clubs to choose from if you want to Scuba dive.

The Israel National Trail (Shvil Israel)
Begin or end your trek at The Shelter as you hike the 900 km (600 miles) walking trail.


Timna Park and Model of the Tabernacle. 
This park in the area includes a life size model of the Tabernacle that Moses and the children of Israel built in the wilderness.

Dolphin Reef
Here you can watch dolphin shows as well as swim and dive with the dolphins.
The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt 
Mt. Sinai is 2 hours south of Eilat. The exotic beaches are easily reached from the Shelter.
Coral World Underwater Observatory
One of three in the world, here you will have an opportunity to see the coral reef from underwater without getting wet.
Ramon Crater National Park is located 90 minutes northwest of Eilat. It has a visitor's center, hiking trails and desert flora and fauna. Masada on the Dead Sea is 2 hours north of Eilat. It is considered one of the major pilgrimage sites in Israel because of its view of the Dead Sea, the impressive ruins, and the tragic history. Considered one of the top attractions in the Middle East, Petra, Jordan , just two hours from Eilat was built by the ancient Nabateans. Desert Trips
We have maps of the region and can give you advice concerning canyons and routes in the area.
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