1. 1. Location - how do I find the Shelter Hostel?

    We are a 5 minute walk from the bus station.  Follow the map on this website or you can take a taxi for about 25 shekels.
  2. 2. Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels – are they included?

    We provide sheets, blankets, pillows and towels for free.
  3. 3. Internet – do you have free Wi-Fi and internet connection?

    In the Shelter we connect, interact, and communicate in our lovely common area, not with our devices. However, you can find free, unsecured networks by stepping outside our gate, in the nearby park and coffee shops, or through Eilat city Wi-Fi.
  4. 4. Checking in – what time can I arrive?

    Check-in is at 11:00. If you arrive early you can store your luggage and come back later.
  5. 5. Checking out – what time do I need to leave?

    You have to vacate your room at 10:00 but you can store your luggage and come back, sit around, and take a shower until you leave town. 
  6. 6. Meals /kitchen – do you serve breakfast and other meals?

    We do not serve meals but have a fully equipped kitchen including gas stove and refrigerator for the use of our guests and there’s a small supermarket 2 minutes away.

  7. 7. Curfew – do you lock the front gate at night?

    We lock the front gate at midnight so that people who are sleeping aren’t disturbed by others coming in late.

  8. 8. Smoking, alcohol and drugs – what is your policy?

    Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the hostel.

  9. 9. Single-sex rooms – can friends of the opposite sex share a room?

    All our dorms are single-sex. Families and married couples can book a private room.

  10. 10. Luggage storage – do you have a safe place to leave my bags?

    We have a safe in our office for your valuables and a locked shack for bags of those who sleep outside or go away for a couple of days.

  11. 11. Car parking – where can I park my car?

    You can safely and freely park your car in front of the hostel.

  12. 12. Payment – can I pay by credit card?

    Payment is only in cash, but there are ATM’s and banks close by.

  13. 13. Beach – how far away are you and how do I get there?

    The nearest beach is a 10 minute walk. The snorkeling and diving beaches are a 10 minute drive and are also accessible by the local bus.


  14. 14. Airport – how do I get to Eilat from Ben Gurion Airport?

    Most of our guests either take a bus from the airport to Tel Aviv and then a direct bus to Eilat (5 hours) or else the train from the airport to Beer Sheva and from there a bus. Two airline companies also fly from Tel Aviv to Eilat.

    Bus schedule: http://www.egged.co.il/HomePage.aspx

    Train schedule: http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/Homepage.aspx

    Airlines: www.israirairlines.com


  15. 15. Petra – what is the best way to visit?

    We can explain to you how to travel to Petra either independently or with an organized tour.

    Write to us and we’ll send you the document we wrote with the information.

  16. 16. Activities – do you organize activities throughout the week?

    Every morning at 11:00 we have a time of singing and Bible study in the Shelter’s succah for an hour. On Friday evening we have an international gospel meeting followed by a free meal for Shelter guests, local Eilati’s and others. Furthermore, we have other spontaneous community gatherings.

  17. 17. Confirmation – why do I have to confirm and what if I forget?

    Since we don’t ask for a deposit we want to be sure you are still coming. If you forget to confirm, we may cancel your reservation.

  18. 18. Air conditioning – are the rooms air conditioned?

    We use desert coolers, a system designed for dry climates. It doesn’t get the rooms as cold as air conditioners, but it’s healthier and better for the environment.

  19. 19. Hebrew – will I manage with only speaking English?

    Most Israelis speak English well, though as in most countries, they’ll be happy to hear you speaking a few words of Hebrew.

  20. 20. Volunteers – can I come as a volunteer to pay for my stay?

    We have an international, friendly team of volunteers between the ages of 20 and 30. If you are interested in joining the Shelter staff, please write us an email and we’ll send you the information.