The Shelter is the ideal accommodation to begin  your adventures, and our over 30 years in Eilat enables us to advise you concerning all your vacation and travel plans, including both popular and off the beaten track places. 

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Jump into the cool clear waters of the Red Sea with a mask and snorkel and you’ll discover a stunning new world of corals and colorful fish. Coral Beach, south of the city, is a 10 minute drive from the Shelter or a bus ride away. You can rent snorkeling equipment in the hostel. 

swimming with dolphins with shelter hostel
Swim with Dolphins

Katza Beach, 10 minutes drive by car and 20 minutes by bus, is a quiet beach with corals and colorful fish and where dolphins often come to swim and play with us. (We lend masks and snorkels to our guests). -

Scuba Diving

For experienced divers or those who want to try an introductory dive, scuba diving is a way to get deeper into the Red Sea than by swimming or snorkeling and to have an all-encompassing experience. Many diving clubs are located on Coral Beach. 

Timna park and Tabernacle

Located 25 kilometers north of Eilat, Timna Park combines spectacular scenery with geological and archaeological sites extending back to the time of the pharaohs, including the world’s first copper mine. Not to be missed is the full-scale model of the Tabernacle that Moses and the children of Israel built in the wilderness.

Petra - Jordan

One of the top attractions in the Middle East and only two hours from Eilat, Petra was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom and is known as the rose-red city. We can explain to you how to get there independently or help you book an organized tour.

Dolphin Reef

The Dolphin Reef is not only a beautifully landscaped tropical beach, but a unique opportunity to observe and experience dolphins in their natural habitat and (for an extra fee) to swim and dive with them.

Desert Trips and Hikes

John and Judy, the hostel managers, are familiar with all the trails in the area and can advise you concerning family-friendly or challenging hikes and lend you the right maps.

Coral World observatory

One of Eilat’s main attractions and one of three such observatories in the world, Coral World gives you the opportunity to see the coral reef from underwater without getting wet.

Bird Watching

You don’t have to be a bird-watcher to enjoy this amazing piece of nature, the remains of what was once a huge salt marsh and one of the main flyways in the world. If you are here during the spring or fall migration seasons, you will see some of the 500,000 birds that pass through our desert skies each season.

Israel Trail

The 1000 km Israel Trail extends from Eilat to Dan on the Lebanese border, crossing deserts, mountains, forests, cities, kibbutzim and Arab villages. Begin in Eilat to walk the whole trail or do it in sections, and we can give you advice or help you celebrate when you finish.

Ice Mall

For those who like to include shopping when on vacation, Eilat has three malls of which the Ice Mall is the newest. For a unique experience, go ice skating in the heat of the desert summer. 

Attractions Eilat near shelter hostel
Camel Ranch

If you’ve always dreamt of experiencing the desert on the back of a camel, this is for you. The Camel Ranch is located just 10 minutes from the hostel. 

Eating out 

Looking for nice places to eat? Check out this list by the Eilat tourist information center.

beaches eilat

Looking for nice beaches to visit? Check out this list by the Eilat tourist information center.

Recommendations by Racheli

Relaxation Pools

Combining different pools, underwater music, tasty snacks and stunning views, after a two hour session at this spa within the Dolphin Reef, you will feel completely relaxed.

Moosh's Beach

With a cool, low-key atmosphere, this beach reminds me of the Sinai. A good place to hang out, listen to music, and have a vegetarian meal.


My latest favorite sport is to rent a stand up paddle board at the Dekel Beach.  It’s easy to learn and combines a good overall workout with the peacefulness that comes from being out on the sea.

Desert Hikes

We have all kinds of hikes in the area, from climbing mountains to hiking up canyons. There’s nothing like the desert to experience perfect stillness, and we often see animals like ibexes, gazelles, and foxes.

Snorkling and Diving

I’m a scuba diver and love the sensation of weightlessness I feel under the water. But snorkeling in Eilat is great too and shouldn’t be missed.

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